Race technical details

Event Date
20 May 2018

Event venue
Zhongdian, the main town in the Shangri La region in Yunnan Province, Southwest China.
Link to Google Map.

Race start & finish
Finish: Old Town

Race course & distance
The total race distance for Shangri la Duathlon Challenge will be 10-35-5, for a total distance of 50 km.

It is race from A to B to C.

More on the 2018 course coming very soon

Race categories

  • Individual
    • Male & Female
    • Age Groups (Master 18-39, AG40+, AG50+): Male & Female
  • Team Relay
    • Male Team
    • Female Team
    • Mixed Team

Each team consist of max. 1 biker and 2 runners. We opt for 2 runners to emphasise the team aspect and to give companies and brands a chance to see the event as a team-building event for themselves. Teams therefore consist of 3 different persons with no exceptions.

Transition Zone
The transition zone, where runners switch to the bike, and vice versa, will be located 2km from the Old Town entrance

Refreshment stations:

  • At start/finish and Transition Zone
  • Running course at km 5 (1st leg) and km 2,3 (2nd leg)
  • Cycling course at km 15 and km 30 (km 25 and km 40 in total)

Refreshment stations will be equipped with water, sports energy drink, salt tablets, banana, cashew nuts and/or almonds, cookies, local cake